Our Story

At Scout’s Basket, we strive to curate high-quality sustainable products, and to share their goodness with you.

Sustainability is the driving force behind our curations. We pay close attention to the ingredients used in our goodies, their production methods, and even the packaging they come in. We are also highly selective with the brands that we work with, ensuring that we only work with trusted brand partners.

Behind the Team

Meet Raghav, our Founder.

In 2017, on a 3 month sabbatical from his consulting career, Raghav stumbled across many good-for-you products while travelling across New Zealand. These were from clean, sustainable brands that operated with a high degree of corporate and environmental ethics. This resonated deeply with him, and he decided to launch these brands in Singapore.

Now, our brands are widely available across local supermarkets and, our very own grocery platform, Scouts Basket, for customers who want a personalised shopping experience.

A Scout's Honor

Along the way, we've picked up some amazing brands, with products that are good for you and for the planet. Every brand is handpicked to showcase the great level of care and thought that we put into our excellent offerings.

  • Everything in our shop plus our shipping boxes have sustainable packaging.

  • Every basket contains products that are good for your body and the environment

  • We carefully curate our product selection, putting time and research into what is the best quality.

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Our Brands

  • Fix & Fogg

    Fix & Fogg

    Conceived in 2014, by Roman and Andrea Jewell, Fix & Fogg aim to create something meaningful, sustainable, and delicious - producing the “world's best nut butters”.



    From farm to bag, Serious Food’s organic products are 100% traceable and free from chemical nasties so you can snack in a way that’s sustainable for your body & the world

  • Raglan Food Co.

    Raglan Food Co.

    Lifting the vibe on plant-based eating for a happier, healthier world, Raglan’s team creates delicious, dairy-free alternatives to the foods that you know and love.

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  • Sipper


    Naturally flavoured with juicy fruits and lightly sweetened with a dash of organic apple juice, Sipper’s teas are brewed for maximum refreshment.

  • Almighty


    Almighty makes organic drinks that are for everyday moments as well as special ones. A drink to have at the office, with your lunch, after a workout or on the dance floor.

  • Tom and Luke

    Tom and Luke

    Tom & Luke want to make eating healthy easy. Their snackaballs are crafted from carefully chosen ingredients, delivering great tasting snacks in a convenient format.

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  • Yum Granola

    Yum Granola

    Gluten and grain-free granola handmade with love! YUM's mission has been to make an amazing bowl of goodness that will get you through to lunch.

  • Crust


    CRUST is keen on driving the upcycled food movement. As believers in a more circular
    economy, they turn food waste into beers ensuring no CRUST is left behind.

  • Cresc


    Born with the aim to introduce healthier, tasty and widely accessible snacks to the market, Cresc Bites aims to deliver quality and nutrition with natural ingredients.

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